Notice to Ghent Residents re Hand Sanitizer Distribution

The Town has a limited amount of LIQUID hand sanitizer to distribute for free to Ghent residents who have been unable to obtain it elsewhere.

The hand sanitizer will be distributed on Wednesday, April 1st, from 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm (or until we run out) in the parking lot of Ghent Town Hall.

The hand sanitizer will be distributed in individual plastic containers with lids, and residents will need to transfer it to their own spray bottles at home. We unfortunately do not have any spray bottles to distribute. Please only take this hand sanitizer if you have not been able to get it elsewhere.

Town Board members will be on hand to monitor the distribution, but everyone must maintain at least a 6 foot distance from one another, as mandated by law.


  1. Enter the parking lot at the State Route 66 entrance and proceed to the end of the car line. When your car reaches the orange cones, exit your car (one person only), and approach the table.
  2. Take ONE plastic container of hand sanitizer and immediately return to your car. Please do not touch anything other than the container you take.
  3. Exit the parking lot at the Garage Place exit.
  4. After you transfer the liquid to your own spray bottle, be sure to wash your hands. ONLY ONE PERSON MAY APPROACH THE TABLE AT A TIME.

Thank you,
Ghent Town Board