The Ghent Food Pantry is Open

The Ghent Food Pantry is open as usual Monday thru Thursday, 9 a.m. to 12 Noon.

No paperwork required. We have placed a table on the porch of the Town Hall with a grocery order on it and an ice chest has the meat, eggs, oleo etc. for that order. The Pantry puts a milk card in each order. There is also a packet of cleaning supplies. The table will be right inside the door in inclement weather.

You simply pull into the parking lot of the Town Hall, if no one is there, go up on the porch and get your order, use the cart and put it in your car. If your household is larger than four people, knock on the door and take the first order to your car. A volunteer will bring out a second order.  Please take everything! If there are items you can’t use, please share them don’t return them.

If there is someone there ahead of you, we ask that you wait your turn in your car so they can get their order and our Food Pantry worker can bring out a new order for you.

The worker is using gloves and face mask and we ask that you do the same.

We normally serve residents of the Chatham School District but with the lines of people waiting for food in other areas; for now, we can help even if you’re out of our normal service area. Our Ghent neighbors have been very generous to our Pantry:

  • The Ghent VFW/Marion Stedman Fund has provided $25 gift cards for Price Chopper
  • The Ghent Dairy Queen has donated coupons for a free quart of ice cream
  • Valley Energy has given us 14 large hams
  • Little Ghent Farms has being giving us eggs

We hope to have masks for distribution soon, too. We’ll continue to provide these extras in addition to regular orders, as long as supplies last.