Bids for the Furnishing of the Building Materials Required to Construct the Steel end Walls for a Prefabricated Storage Container Building


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that the Town of Ghent, Columbia County, New York, hereby advertises for bids for the furnishing of the building materials required to construct the steel end walls for a prefabricated storage container building in accordance with certain specifications, which may be obtained from the Ghent Town Clerk during normal business hours, Monday through Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and Friday 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Bids shall be sealed and delivered to the Ghent Town Clerk on or before September 14, 2022 at 2:00 p.m., at which time the bids will be opened and read aloud. The bids will then be submitted to the Ghent Town Board for its review. The Ghent Town Board shall have complete discretion to reject any bid that does not meet the required specifications or to reject all bids should the Board deem the same to be appropriate. All bidders will be required to sign and deliver, along with their bid, a Certificate of Non-Collusion.

Dated: September 2, 2022 s/Benjamin Perry
Ghent Highway Superintendent

Bid information for Storage Contain building end walls.

Town of Ghent is requesting Material Bids On Rear Gable Wall

  1. Building Materials to build a complete in closed rear end wall non load bearing To In close a dome shape steel roof system. Back wall dimensions 50’W storage containers height at 9.5 where roof system arch begins. Roof height estimated at 27.5′ Arch roof
  2. Rear gable end wall Framing Including containers will be covered 100% with Steel
    Siding 28-Gauge Grade 80, 10 year edge Rust Warranty, 40 year non-prorated warranty, Beige in Color, J-Channel, Drip Cap, Base Angle , appropr iate amount of Steel Siding 965SF enough screws to mount the siding.
  3. 12-16″x3/4″ Carriage bolts with nuts and washers to Attach Containers to upright post at rear of Containers 3-ply 1O” Glulam
    • Rear Gable End wall
    • 2EA-PT3PLY 2x1Ox28′ Glulam Post
    • 2EA-PT3-PLY 2x1Ox31 Glulam Post
    • 2EA-PT3-PLY 2x10x33′ Glulam Post
    • 1EA-PT3-PLY 2x1Ox34′ Glulam Post
    • 1EA-2x4x19′ Girt
    • 1EA-2x4x27′ Girt
    • 1EA-2x4x33′ Girt
    • 1EA-2x4x38′ Girt
    • 1EA-2x4x41′ Girt
    • 1EA-2x4x44′ Girt
    • 1EA-2x4x47′ Girt
    • 1EA-2x4x49′ Girt
    • 4EA-2x4x34′ Girts in side to in side container Span
    • 1EA-2x6x66′ Top Plate inside edge of roof arch
    • 2EA-2x6x8′ Top Plate
    • 52.5′ x 30″ Concrete Sonotube
    • Torque Bit Screws heads to frame timber together
    • 12EA-16″ x3/4″ with Nuts And Washers Carriage bolt
    • Everlast II Lynx Panel 965SF, Drip cap, J-Channel, base edge.Wood Screws.Beige in color

Front Gable Wall

  1. Building Materials to Build Front Framing above Storage Containers spec span opening between Container to Container 34′ opening ground up 15.5′ front coverage 50′ across roof height estimated at 27.5′
  2. Open span of the front wall will need to be able to carry a header for the 34′ opening. Vertical beams at entrance of 34′ hardware to affix beam to storage containers,
    Front gable end wall Framing will be covered with Steel Siding 28-Gauge , Grade 80,10 year edge Rust warranty, 40 year non-prorated warranty, Beige In color, J-Channel, Drip Cap, Over Door Trim , appropriate amount of Steel Siding 442SF, Screws

• Front Gable End Wall
• 3EA- 2x8x12′ Wind Brace
• 2EA-PT3-PLY 2x1Ox28′ Glulam Jamb Post (King Stud)
• 4EA-2x4x16′ Jamb Stud
• 1EA-2-PLY 1.75″x16″x34′ LVL Header
• 3EA-2x6x12′ Stud
• 2EA-2x6x1 O’ Stud
• 2EA-2x6x9′ Stud
• 2EA-2x6x8′ Stud
• 1EA-2x4x19′ Girt
• 1EA-2x4x27′ Girt
• 1EA-2x4x33′ Girt
• 1EA-2x4x38′ Girt
• 1EA-2x4x41′ Girt
• 2EA-2x4x5′ Girt
• 2EA-2x4x7′ Girt’
• 2EA-2x4x8′ Girt
• 2x6x66′ Top Plate Inside edge of roof arc
• 2EA-2x6x8′ Top Plate
• 15′ x 30″ Concrete Sonotube
• 12EA-16″x3/4″ Carriage Bolts with Nuts And Washes
• Torque Bit head screws to frame Timber together
• Everlast II Lynx Panel 442SF, Drip Cap, J-Channel , OH Door Trim, Base Angle, Wood Screws, Beige in Color. Containers on front side will remain uncovered or door access.
• Delivered to the town of Ghent Highway 1 Garage Place Rd Ghent NY 12075

Photo in pdf are available upon request Town of Ghent Ben Perry for any Questions 1(518) 392-2651


Section 103-d of the General Municipal Law requires the every bid proposal made the political subdivision of any public department, agency or official, where competitive bidding is required statute, rule, and regulation or local law to
contain a

In the following form:

A. By submission of the bid, each bidder and each person signing on the behalf of any bidder certifies, and, in case of a joint bid, each party thereto
certifies as to its own organization, under penalty of perjury, that to the best of knowledge and belief:
B. The process in this bid have been arrived at independently without collusion, consultation ,communication, or agreement, for the purpose of restricting competition, as to any matter relating to such prices with any other bidder or with any competitor;
C. Unless otherwise required by Law, the prices which have been quoted in
this bid have not been knowingly disclosed by the bidder and will not knowingly be disclosed by the bidder prior to opening ,directly or indirectly to any other bidder or to any competitor; and
D. No attempt has been made or will be made by the bidder to induce any other person, partnership or corporation to submit or not to submit a bid for the purpose of restricting competition.

Legal name of person, firm or corp.

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