Summer Rec Program Welcomes Bindlestiff Family Cirkus

The 2023 Ghent Summer Recreation Program welcomed Bindlestiff Family Cirkus to the children’s camp program. On July 25th, select members of the Cirkus joined the staff and campers at the Ghent Summer Rec program, sharing laughter and learning as they played and performed together.

“It was a great day of learning and performing new skills like juggling, clowning, balancing, as well as other prop manipulation skills. The campers were engaged and excited to try something new, while playing group bonding games with some of Bindlestiff’s professional staff and teen CIT’s. Overall, it was a great experience for the campers to enjoy and be a part of…”reported Holly Taylor, Program Director for the Ghent Summer program.

Stephanie Monseu, Co-Founder of Bindlestiff concurs. “Both adult and teen Cirkus After School staff really enjoyed visiting Ghent. Holly and the Camp counselors and participants made us feel really welcome! And it was great to have Supervisor Simmons stop in!”

About Bindlestiff

Bindlestiff’s Cirkus After School teaches circus skills and values like: Life-long Learning, Safety, Choice, Trustworthiness, Practice Collaboration, Empowerment, Compassion and Respect to help youth to become stronger learners, community members, and leaders by encouraging them to express themselves creatively, challenge themselves physically, and work inventively with others. Our free program at The Morris Memorial will run in school year 2023-24. email [email protected] for info.”

About Ghent Summer Recreation Program

Ghent’s summer recreation program is open to ages 6 and up and runs early July through early August every year. Sign up at to receive alerts including the deadline to apply to next year’s program.