Building & Zoning Permits

A permit has been required for all uses in the Town of Ghent since 1979. Any new structure, including additions, must meet the zoning setbacks listed on Appendix B, table of dimensions. Alterations to existing buildings also require permits. There are several zoning districts in town and they each have specific setbacks listed in Appendix B. The Town Zoning Map is used to determine which district your site is in. Any permit for a new zoning use must comply with the current Zoning Use Table (Appendix A). For assistance with determining a Zoning Use or a Zoning District for a particular parcel please contact the Chris Keefe.

Any electrical work except replacing a receptacle or switch requires a building permit. This includes running any new wire for circuits, feeders & new subpanels, new services, and standby generators. All electrical work must be inspected by one of the town’s approved electrical inspection agencies before a final inspection can be scheduled with the town to close out a permit.

Plumbing work requires a permit, except replacing fixtures. Any work that involves changing or replacing plumbing pipes/venting requires a permit.

The town zoning code requires that all sheds placed or built onsite in the town of Ghent must have a permit. This applies to all sheds, with and without permanent footings. For buildings 50 square feet or less, a building permit is not required however a town zoning use permit is still required to verify the use is allowed and that minimum yard setbacks are met.

Roofing including re-roofing requires a permit to ensure roof framing integrity and installation of the required ice and water barrier. This is a NY state requirement. Photos will be required of the roof after existing roofing is removed, and after ice & water barrier is applied.

NYS requires permits for all swimming pools which are designed to hold more than 24 inches of water. This includes soft-sided storable pools with the inflatable ring at the top. All pools requiring building permits must conform to the code’s pool barrier requirements and applicable electric code. Please see the pool requirements or contact the building inspector for the current code requirements.

Rebuilding an existing shed/deck/pool/stairs or any other structure requires a building permit to ensure the new work conforms to the current building codes. This is required by NYS law.

Fences require a permit. The maximum height for a fence in the Town of Ghent is 6 feet, regardless of the type of fence.

Signs require a permit. There are several regulations which differ based on where in town and for what use the signs are for. Temporary signs are allowed, please see Article VIII of Ghent Zoning Code.

Window replacement requires a building permit. Photos are required to show the flashing details, U-factor must be confirmed to meet NYS Energy Code.

Replacing decking boards does not require a permit. Replacing deck joists or any other structural component requires a permit.

Replacing siding does not require a permit (unless it is structural siding which acts as the bracing for the building.)

Rebuilding the stairs on the front or back of your house requires a permit. Replacing stair treads does not require a permit. Any stairs with 4 or more risers also require a hand-rail. Platforms, porches, decks greater than 30″ above grade require a guard/railing. Openings cannot allow a 4″ sphere.

No driveway shall be constructed, nor any building permit issued, nor any subdivision approved,
unless and until the owner has received approval in writing from the applicable state or local
municipal authority for the entrance location to the subject premises. If your new driveway is on a town road, contact the Town Superintendent of Highways for a driveway permit. A private driveway shall be set back at least five feet from the property line of any lot. This shall not apply to a shared driveway.

Any pond greater than 50 square feet in area requires a zoning permit. and meet the pond setbacks described in § 190-33.2.